Møreforsking Molde

Møreforsking Molde AS
Britvegen 4
N-6411 MOLDE
Tel +47 71 21 42 90
Fax +47 71 21 42 99

Møreforsking Molde

Møreforsking Molde is a research institute located in Molde on the northwestern coast of Norway.

Molde panorama

Founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization, and in 2002 its ownership was divided between Møre Research, an independent research foundation, and Molde University College.

Our main research areas are Transport Economics, Logistics, Industrial Economics and Policy and Society, Organization and Management.

The staff at Møreforsking Molde constitutes about 12 researchers. Molde University College also provides an extensive academic resource base of significant importance.

Since 2002 Møreforsking Molde has been situated at Molde Knowledge Park, adjacent the campus of MUC.